Why Oak Funriture Is A Stylish Material To Use In Any Room

oak furniture, fixtures and fittings have graced our living rooms, kitchens, gardens, bathrooms and bedrooms from time immemorial. While this could partly be explained by the availability of the oak tree in the United Kingdom, it is also due to the stylish nature of the oak wood. Oak is suitable for all kinds of furniture, from kitchen furniture to garden corner sofa.

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What makes Oak so stylish and why is it so popular in the UK?

Availability in different grains

Naturally, oak comes in different shades and has distinct grain patterns.  As the oak tree ages, the grains and colour become more distinct and noticeable. In addition, the grain patterns can be enhanced through application of different kinds of oils and finishes. This makes oak wood on of the most unique and stylish types of wood.


Oak can be used to create traditional, modern, classical and even contemporary pieces of furniture either to blend in with the general theme of the room or to stand out as accent or highlight furniture. This versatility also makes it ideal for different types of furniture including oak bedroom furniture. In addition, you can play around with the design of the furniture and the colour of different pieces to bring out the desired effects.


Being a hard wood, oak is one of the most durable types of wood. The durability makes it ideal for making timeless pieces of furniture for your bedroom, living room, kitchen or even fixtures for different areas in and around your house. Its strength and durability ensures that the furniture retains its beauty as it ages making it ideal for areas with high traffic such as the living room.


The occasional wipe down, reapplication of oils and stains ensures that the furniture retains its excellent looks over time. The low maintenance requirements are a major attraction for many people since it prevents damage that would be caused by extreme maintenance measures and procedures. Therefore, the low maintenance requirements play an important role in retaining the stylish look of the furniture over time.

Oak furniture not only offers practicality to everyday items such as furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, nightstands, shelves and even decorative items around the home, but it also gives a room or space a unique character that is hard to achieve with other types of woof. It is not a wonder therefore, that its popularity continues to soar as the years pass by. While the initial investment might be higher than that of other types of wood, the satisfaction of using the furniture and the manner in which it transforms the space in question is worth every penny.